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If Your Dog Has Cancer, This Podcast Can Help
Treating Dog Cancer Naturally | Dr. Katie Woodley

Treating Dog Cancer Naturally – Why I made the Switch to Becoming a Holistic Veterinarian | Dr. Katie Woodley Deep Dive


For many of us, our dog’s cancer diagnosis can be scary, frustrating, and it can leave us feeling a little helpless. Especially, if your traditional veterinarian does not give you any options or is skeptical about the effectiveness of using holistic treatments to treat dog cancer. Holistic veterinarian, Dr. Katie Woodley, sees this often with her clients. Her number one goal besides treating the patient is to remind their pet parents that there is hope in alternative therapies.

In this episode, Dr. Woodley explains why there is a divide between the two disciplines and how she infuses her traditional veterinary background with Chinese herbal medicine and acupuncture in her holistic practice, The Natural Pet Doctor.

Episode Notes

Dr. Katie Woodley’s career began as a traditional veterinarian. That eventually changed after her husband was diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder. Soon after, her beloved German Shepard, Finn, had a seizure, which later turned out to be a malignant brain tumor.

When comparing the side-effects of both allopathic and natural medicine on her husband and Finn, she realized that all pet owners should be aware of their holistic options. This led her to become certified in acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine (CHM). Through The Natural Pet Doctor, Katie provides integrative options for pet parents and strives to bridge the gap between holistic and traditional veterinarians in Colorado and beyond.

In this episode, Dr. Woodley will delve deeper into her path towards integrative medicine, provide tips for pet owners who are seeking holistic treatment and shares important advice about expectations vs. reality when your dog is put on a holistic treatment plan for cancer.

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About Today’s Guest, Dr. Katie Woodley:

Dr. Katie Woodley earned her bachelor’s degree from the University of Notre Dame and her Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine from Massey University in New Zealand. After graduating, she practiced veterinary medicine in NZ for a few years before she moved back to her home state of Colorado with her husband.

Shortly after their return stateside, Dr. Woodley’s husband developed an auto-immune disease. He responded poorly to biologic drugs, so they decided to take a different approach to his treatment and began using homeopathy and his condition began to improve. She realized at that moment that she was doing a disservice to her animal patients by not offering the same holistic options to them. After this realization, she began down the integrative medicine route by becoming certified in acupuncture and earning a graduate diploma in Chinese Herbal Medicine for pets.

Dr. Woodley now uses nutrition, acupuncture, herbal medicine, essential oils, and supplements, which she feels has changed her entire practice and treatment outcomes. She also feels that every animal can benefit from them by either achieving optimal health or at least feeling their best, even when they have a chronic illness or disease like cancer.






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Dr. Katie Woodley


Colorado, USA

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Dr. Katie Woodley is the proud owner and expert holistic veterinarian of The Natural Pet Doctor.  She integrates holistic medicine, such as acupuncture, herbal medicine, and nutrition, into conventional treatment plans, which improves the efficacy of treatments and enables pets to live a longer and more vibrant life.  She offers house consultations and telehealth options in the Northern Colorado region, and partners with conventional veterinarians to improve treatment outcomes and enhance well-being.  To learn more about Dr. Katie, head to