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If Your Dog Has Cancer, This Podcast Can Help


Vetted advice from real veterinarians to help your dog fight (and even beat) cancer.

In this second season of Dog Cancer Answers, listen to leading veterinarians on the front lines of cancer care answer your questions to help you care for your dog with cancer. No time wasted on rambling episodes: these are short and cover one topic at a time.

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Episode Types:

  • Deep Dive episodes focus on single topics with cutting edge information from experts.
  • Listener Line episodes deliver powerful insights from our veterinarians to real listener questions.
  • True Tail episodes feature dog lovers and their inspirational dog cancer stories.

Show Host, James Jacobson

James Jacobson

Host, Fellow Dog Lover

James is one of the hosts on Dog Cancer Answers and founder of the Dog Podcast Network, a series of shows dedicated to all things dog.

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