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If Your Dog Has Cancer, This Podcast Can Help
Exam Room Series: Introduction

Exam Room Series: Introduction


This series is geared for dog lovers who recently received a dog cancer diagnosis. Each episode focuses on a specific canine cancer. It provides information about the cancer and typical treatment options for that particular cancer.

Episode Notes

Our resident veterinarian for this Exam Room series is Dr. Demian Dressler—co-author of the best selling book “The Dog Cancer Survival Guide.” Dr. Dressler is one of the leading veterinary experts on full spectrum care for dog cancer.

Each episode gives you the experience of being in his exam room as he tells you what you need to know about a specific type of dog cancer.

Dr. Demian Dressler


Maui, Hawaii, USA

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Dr. Demian Dressler, DVM, is internationally recognized as “the dog cancer vet” because of his innovations in the field of dog cancer management. A dynamic educator and speaker, Dr. Dressler is the author of the best-selling animal health book The Dog Cancer Survival Guide.